Cool Things

Over the years I've come across and saved some unusual items. Here I will post picture as I come across them.

Digital Deviced Magnetostrictive Delay Line
First is a Magnetostrictive delay line. As far as I can tell, this was used for memory in early computers. This particular example is in almost perfect shape, probably because it was a salesman's sample and then spent years on a shelf in a surplus electronics place I was allowed to wander unattended.


Parker Applicnce Beading Tool
​Back in the days before Aeroquip and the other fancy tubing choices we have today, low pressure lines were commonly rubber hoses secured with hose clamps. in order to make sure the hoses don't slip off, the tubing they were attached to, you needed beads. This is the tool that every aircraft mechanic needed back in the old days. When Earl's supply was a storefront on Hawthorne Blvd, I walked in and there was a pile of these in the front window for $25 each. Should have bought a lot more than the one I did.